wednesday evening gatherings

On Wednesday evenings we gather from 6:30 pm -7:30 pm to fellowship, worship, study, and pray together. We offer many different classes, prayer groups, and fellowship opportunities. No matter

where you come from, there is a place for you at College Hills on Wednesday evenings! 


March 22 - May 24

From Thunder to The Word: A Survey of the Gospel of John - Jeff Hartline: Fellowship Center - Join us as we continue to track John's exposition of the person of Jesus from the one closest to Him on the Earth and who lived to tell a grand story of the Messiah as the very "I AM" of the Creator.

Walking in Community - Drew Lewis: Room 204 - Lace up your walking shoes for a men’s Wednesday night walking class. No, this class isn’t just about getting in your daily steps. We will use walking as the backbone of the class as we engage in fellowship and contemplation. Some favorite conversations and brainstorming sessions have been while on the move. I hope you will join me as we move through scripture, prayer, poetry, literature, and silence while getting in a mile or two together.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Wilson & Jessica McCoy: Room 202/203 - Growing into the image of Christ impacts our entire lives. One area that often gets neglected in this path towards maturity is our emotional health. However, we cannot become spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. It is tempting to avoid conflict in the name of Christianity, ignore our emotions, use God to run from God, and live without boundaries. However, there is a holier and healthier way for us to live. Join our class as we explore the insights of Scripture and psychology in hopes that we all can live more fully as God intended. 

Bad Girls of the Bible Part 1 - Taylor Moore: Fellowship Hall (Left) - Join us as we dive into Bad Girls of the Bible (by Liz Curtis Higgs) to discover what we can learn from these unforgettable women. It will be a thrilling journey as we explore Scripture, avoid the bad girls’ tragic mistakes, and choose a better path for the life ahead.

Learning Biblical Greek - Mike Moss: Fellowship Hall - Have you ever wanted the Bible to come alive in a new way? Would you like to learn more about the original language of the New Testament? In this class designed for beginners, we will explore the biblical Greek language, study passages of Scripture in fresh ways, and explore how Greek can enliven our reading of the Bible. We hope you will join us! 

Singing With the Saints (Midweek Worship) - Jon Reynolds: Worship Center - Every Wednesday night, our praise team gathers to sing and prepare for Sunday worship. All are invited to sing for a time or worship and praise.

Dorcas Class - Room 205 - A class that makes caps, blankets, and crochet/knitting projects for community and international needs. 

Kids Offering: Hope Sampson: Children’s Wing - Kids ages Pre-K to Grade 6 are invited to the children’s wing for a time of fellowship and fun each Wednesday. We will also have the nursery open in the Children’s Wing with volunteers to watch kids under Pre-K age.

Kairos: Alex Sircy: The Living Room - Students in grades 7 to 12 are invited to join Alex each week in The Living Room for Kairos. 

Pregnancy Help Center: Room 108 - Every week our church offers help to young families going through the experience of pregnancy during trying times. This is a great opportunity to serve our community.

Prayer Warriors: Charles Morgan: Library-Room 502

VIP Class: Connie Testamand: Room 111