Grace MArriage

Grace Marriage equips the church to proactively protect and grow marriages.


Marriage is foundational to the success of a family, church and community. 

However, the busyness and demands of life make it difficult to be intentional.


In Grace Marriage coaching, a couple makes a proactive effort to protect and grow their marriage by investing one day each quarter of the year to take a big picture look at their life and marriage.


When a couple puts their marriage under the grace of Christ and intentionally works on it, it will be transformed into a more enjoyable and God-glorifying union.


Grace + Intentionality = Transformation


2023 Grace Marriage dates are as follows:

April 22, August 12, and November 11. Sessions will be held at the College Hills building from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm. A catered lunch, snacks, and drinks will be included.