College Hills Habitat Build 2019

College Hills Family,


We’re gearing up for our Habitat for Humanity home build and have some fun stuff to share with you! We will be building a home for Carolyn Dixon who is very excited about getting to build her new house alongside our volunteers.  Her biographical information is below.  We are sponsoring the build on Sunday, June 9.  This should be finishing the framing of the house, but I’m sure there will be several different types of work so everyone has a chance to participate.


This is a wonderful opportunity for us to work together outside the College Hills church building to help Carolyn and her children take steps toward a better life through the purchase of their own home. Here are the things we need to help with:


  • Construction activities
  • Provide breakfast snacks for approximately 30 people
  • Provide lunch for approximately 30 people
  • Provide snacks, water and Powerade/Gatorade to be used throughout the day


We will start around 7:00 am with breakfast and a safety meeting.  Habitat should provide all the tools and knowledge we need. Lunch will be at 11:30 am and we’ll try to wrap up around 3:30 pm.


Below you’ll find a sign up link for the construction workers on our build date (Sunday, June 9).  If you can help with the actual building of the house, please click this link and complete the signup form.  


If you are able to provide food and/or drinks, please e-mail directly at to make arrangements.


I’m looking forward to working together to help build this family a home.


Click here to sign-up to build:  Construction Worker Signup Link


Click here to send me a message about interest in helping to provide food and drinks:  Food and Drink Worker Info


Thank you for your support



Tom Wallace

Carolyn Dixon-Future Homeowner profile-Spring 2019

"I like where I live now but I can't afford it.  Every month is a struggle, " says Carolyn Dixon, a working single mother of two who pays more than 50 percent of her income on rent.  With both children in school, one in college who lives on campus part-time and one graduating high school this year and who plans to go to a community college, Carolyn knows things are just going to keep getting harder if something doesn't change.  While she has known about Habitat for Humanity's home ownership program for a long time, it wasn't until a friend reminded her of the program that she started to think about it in a realistic way.  Once she started learning more about the program's 0 percent APR mortgage, it seemed as though "the dream of owning her own home could really happen."

Creating a better living environment for her children is a top priority for Carolyn.  The family is currently living in a mobile home far removed from the nearest city.  The most exciting part for the family will not only be watching the home building process but also getting to participate.  Carolyn says, "No matter how old my kids are; it will be a comfort to them to have a home base.  I think they'll be proud to be living in their own home."

After graduating high school, Carolyn joined the workforce and over the years has taken several business management classes.  For the past seven years she has worked as a cook at an assisted living community.  While she loves what she does, she also hopes to start her own business restoring and selling old furniture as a way to turn a passion into a lucrative way to support her family.

"At my age, the opportunity to own my own home makes me feel I have accomplished something and overcome my past...I feel like I've made it through the fog and came out better than ever, " Carolyn says.  As their dream turns into reality, the Dixon family is so excited to start their new chapter in a Habitat home they can call their own.  "Thank you for all you have done for my family," she says.  "it takes good hearted people to give two of the most valuable things they have-time and money-to make our lives better.  I'm grateful."