CHCC + Habitat = Impact

WE NEED YOU ... to help paint, install kitchen cabinets, interior doors, and trim for Charlie Vaughn at his new house on Ligon Drive in Lebanon.

On Saturday, September 26, College Hills members have the opportunity to partner with Habitat for Humanity to help

build a house for one of our members, Charlie Vaughn, to purchase!  

If you are interested and available to help at the work site, use this link to signup:  College Hills – September 26


Note that there will be COVID related restrictions to the size of the group we can use. 


We will also need to provide water/drinks, snacksindividually packaged breakfast items, and lunches for our group.  

If you are interested in helping to provide any of these, please contact Tom Wallace at


This is a great opportunity to help Charlie and our community as we endeavor to provide affordable workforce housing options in Wilson County.  

Charles Vaughn

Charlie, his preferred name, is currently renting a small home sharing living space with his sister. He says the landlord is constantly bringing people over to look at the property and he is afraid his landlord is going to sell it soon. Charlie has worked as one of the head chefs for Five Oaks Golf and Country Club since 2007 and he loves his job. He aspires to attend college one day. But for now he is concentrating on establishing a home. He just paid off his truck and is ready for homeownership but he says a conventional mortgage is out of reach. Charlie has lived in Wilson County his entire life and says small town life “is all I know.” He is ready for more space and a place to start a family one day “but I can’t afford the mortgage down payment and I don’t know where to start.” His sister told him about Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program and he liked Habitat’s education component and the opportunity to build his home with sponsors and volunteers and realized Habitat would be a good fit. Charlie is

attending Habitat’s homeownership classes where he is learning to budget for a mortgage and how to maintain his home. Habitat builds 100 percent ENERGY STAR certified homes, which will make his monthly utility bills more affordable as well. To his sponsors he say says: “Thank you for giving me this opportunity when you don’t even know me. I appreciate it and I promise I will remember all of you for giving your money and time to benefit me. I never thought anyone would care about me and my future and it shows God is always listening when you pray.” 

At a Glance:

  • Charlie rents a small home with his sister. The landlord has indicated he is ready to sell the property making Charlie nervous about where he will live in the future. 
  • He is a head chef at Five Oaks Golf and Country Club where he has worked since 2007.
  • Charlie says he can’t afford the down payment on a conventional mortgage and homeownership is out of reach without Habitat for Humanity.
  • To his sponsors he says: “I never thought anyone would care about me and my future and it shows God is  always listening when you pray.”