Adult, Teen, and Children's Classes are offered at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted.
Wednesday Evening Fellowship Meal is served from 5:30 - 6:15 PM.

Spring Quarter Wednesday Adult Classes

           March 29 through May 31, 2017

(listed alphabetically)

Dorcas Class, Room 108      This class will teach you how to knit caps and hats for orphans in Romania.

Financial Peace, Facilitated by Landon and Autumn Roeder, Room 202  (6:00-7:30 PM)  
This 9-week series of classes on money is taught through video by financial guru, Dave Ramsey.  Dave and the College Hills facilitators will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more.   

How People Grow: What the Bible Reveals About Personal Growth
Taught by Buddy Chatfield and David Dearmon,  Room  201
All growth is spiritual growth. In this class we will use the book, “How People Grow” by authors Drs. Cloud and Townsend, to help us unlock age-old keys to growth from Scripture.   We will study how to resolve issues of relationships, maturity, emotional problems, and overall spiritual growth. This study shatters popular misconceptions about how God operates and will show that growth is not about self-actualization but about God’s sanctification.

It Starts at Home, Taught by Johnny and Vicki Markham, Room 209
In this class, we will explore biblical and tangible ways that parents—couples, single parents, blended families, and grandparents—can build a legacy of faith for their children. Sessions include video segments with everyday parents talking about their own doubts, fears, and desires. Gary Thomas, Matt Chandler, and Kurt & Olivia Bruner also provide powerful teaching that will help you give your kids what they need to build a solid framework for lifelong faith.

Ladies Class: Entrusted, Taught by Dianna Stephens, Room 302/304
We were never meant to take this journey of faith alone or in secret. God has entrusted us with the great and mighty gift of the gospel, something too precious and life-giving to keep to ourselves.  All women are invited to this Biblically-rooted and gospel-centered study by Beth Moore.

Necessary Endings, Taught by Van Cluck and Wilson McCoy, Room 203/204
Endings are a natural part of life, but we often experience them with resistances, sadness, and regret. We often do not like to end things in work, business, or family.  But if we change our perspective on endings, then we set open ourselves up to unique growth opportunities. In this class, using the work of Henry Cloud, we will begin to see the possibilities that await us when we learn to incorporate necessary endings into all areas of our lives.

Finding Ourselves in Genesis, Taught by Kevin Owen and Kevin White, Room 306
The Old Testament book of Genesis is written in such a way that as we read it, we realize we are not simply reading a historic story, a story of our ancient forebears in the faith.  Rather, we are reading our story.  We resonate with the temptation of Adam and Eve, with the sibling rivalry of Cain and Abel and with the struggles of Abraham to follow God.  Join us as we discover the rich spiritual treasures in this book which is foundational for our growth and maturity.  

Prayer Class, Led by Charles Morgan, Room 502       Prays for those in need and sends cards.

Singing, Led by Barry Sherrill, Auditorium         A group meets to sing hymns that will be used in worship the next Sunday.

VIP Class, Taught by Bridget Howerton, Room 111      Encourages those with special needs.

Children's Classes (nursery - 6th Grade) meet in the Children’s Wing

Student Ministry teens meet for Kairos in the The Living Room.