Teens are Important at College Hills  

The teenage years are a very special time. They’re filled with excitement, fear, doubt, change, and unique needs.  Youthreach is designed to help meet the needs of teenage young people in a church setting.  We are excited about what God has done in the past, what He is doing now, and what He will do in the lives of young people in the future!


Balance is a key word for us.  We strive to maintain the proper balance between the young person’s spiritual, social, and service needs.  Each of these three areas is given special attention in our program.


To meet the spiritual needs of our teens, weekly classes are held on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Each of these classes is age-appropriate and designed to be relevant and meaningful for the student.  Outside of class times, Youthreach participates in many retreats, devotionals, youth conferences, and camps that are highlights of the year for many teens.


To address their social needs, all sorts of opportunities are available for fun.  There are trips, outings, games, scavenger hunts, rock climbing, white water rafting, laser tag, and more.  Friends are very important to teenagers.  It’s great to be able to spend time with those friends in a safe, secure, and positive environment.


The need to serve is also important.  Youthreach teens have many chances to give themselves to serve others in meaningful ways.  They teach younger children’s classes, participate in monthly service projects, work with Inner City kids, and attend a “workcamp” experience each summer.  Youthreach also sponsors a child in a Mexican orphanage.  An annual summer mission trip is a life-changing event for many teens.


Parents can feel good about the positive influences and role models that we place before the teens.  We care about young people!  We love them and have a passion for connecting them to their Creator and helping them to be what God intends.  Our goal is to assist the family (God’s primary agent of youth ministry) in training young people to be well rounded Christians.  We aim to be a ministry through which God will shape lives for now, for adulthood, and for eternity.



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