African Christian College in Swaziland

ACC is training African students to be ministers, teachers, and leaders in eight countries. The goal of the school is to be largely "self-supporting." Students work on the college's farm in return for an education. The school has a 100 acre, 14,000 macadamia nut tree orchard. They also raise certified maize seed. They are beginning a goat production program and hope to expand it to cattle production.  In 2012, the College Hills family helped fund the purchase of a farm tractor for ACC.


Dr. Stephen Okoronkwo


Nigerian Christian School 
Dr. Stephen Okoronkwo

Box 614, Aba
Abia State, Nigeria, West Africa


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Nigerian Christian Hospital
Begun in 1965 by missionary doctor Henry Farrar and others, Nigerian Christian Hospital (NCH) has grown in every way though the years.  NCH serves the Ibo Tribe and is located in Abia state, near the large southern Nigerian city of Aba.


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Maria and Jorge Castillio
Havana, Cuba 

The Church of Christ is one of the few religious groups recognized by the communist Cuban government, thanks to humanitarian aid provided by Healing Hands International.  There are approximately 140 congregations throughout Cuba.




Mission Lazarus Logo


Mission Lazarus

(Choluteca, Honduras)

Apartado Postal 79

Choluteca, Honduras






John ClaytonDoes God Exist?
John Clayton, teaching programs with scientific and logical proof
of the validity of the Christian system.  







Healing Hands International

Aiding in World Disaster Relief

455 McNally Drive, Nashville, TN  37211

contact: Cindy Herring   cherring[at]hhi[dot]org



WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL is a method of teaching that allows any Christian to take the gospel of Christ into the whole world by using correspondence courses. This method of evangelizing has proven to be very effective in many nations as millions of souls are being reached with the Gospel.  Thousands are baptized as a result.  Countless new churches are being planted.  You can take part in spreading the Gospel to the world by becoming involved in this good work. (click here for more information)